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Here are a selection of screenshots showing a variety of Pipe Flow Expert features, including the main drawing screen, calculated results sheet, interactive results spreadsheet, the fluid database, the pipe database, the fitting database, and more.

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Screenshots Overview
Screenshots of Pipes & Fittings Database
Screenshots of Pumps, Fluids & Components Data
Screenshots of Drawing Interface
Screenshots of Configuration Options
Screenshots of Results Sheets
Screenshots of PDF Reports

Screenshots Overview

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Pipe System Design

Pipe Flow Expert has simply the best and most intuitive user interface of any high end piping design software for calculating flows and pressure drops.

Results Mode

In Results Mode you can hover any item on the drawing to see the calculated flow rates, pressure drops, friction losses, operating conditions and much more.

Fittings Database

Pipe Flow Expert comes with its own Fittings Manager, which contains data on numerous standard fittings, bends, valves and other components.

Pipe Materials Database

The Pipe Database contains many standard pipe materials including cast iron, copper, HDPE, PVC & various Steels, and each material comes with a set of associated pipe size and diameter data.

Pump Performance Curve

Pump performance curves defining flow rate versus pump head can be defined by entered a few points from the pump manufacturer supplied data. The system results show the pump operating point.

Multi Tab Results Sheet

The Results Sheet contains information on all calcualted results related to pipes, fittings, pumps, nodes, fluids, materials and energy. Data can also be exported to Excel with one click.

Create PDF Report

Create professional PDF Reports detailing your piping system design and associated calculation results with just a few mouse clicks. You can even include your own logo on the coversheet.

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