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Screenshots of Pipe & Fittings Databases

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Pipe Materials Database

Pipe Flow Expert comes with a Pipe Database which includes many common pipe materials and their associated roughness data that is required for friction loss calculations.

Pipe Diameters Database

For each pipe material, the pipe database contains information about the standard sizes of pipe that are available, including inner diamater, wall thickness and outer diameter.

Pipe Fittings Database

The Pipe Fittings database that contains information on many common fittings, including their sizes and associated K factors for calculating pressure through the fittings for different flow rates.

Fittings Calculations for Gradual Enlargement

Pipe Flow Expert allows you to define and update node data across on mass with just a few mouse clicks.

Fittings Calculations for Sudden Enlargement

Select criteria to use when coloring pipes and nodes in Results Mode, to allow for easy visualization, analysis and troubleshooting of your pipe system design.

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