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Screenshots of Results Mode

Hover over a screenshot to show an enlarged image with more detail.

Pipe System in Results Mode

The Results Sheet displays the flow and pressure throughout the pipe system. Hover over an item to display detailed calculation results in an automatic popup, or view the intercative Results Spreadsheet that links to items on the drawing.

Results Mode with Interactive Results Spreadsheet

Here is the Results Sheet with the interactive Results Spreadsheet docked to the right of the drawing area.

Results Mode with 'Hover over item' popup

Here is the Results Sheet with the interactive Results Spreadsheet docked to the bottom of the drawing area. Also, the cursor is hovering over a pipe and the popup displays detailed calculation data.

Results Mode showing detailed calculation popup

Results Sheet zoomed in to show automatic popup with detailed calculation results when hovering over an item on the drawing.

Results Sheet on it own

Results Sheet can be re-sized and viewed on its own. The data can be exported to Excel with one mouse click, if required.

Re-sized Larger Results Sheet

Larger Results Sheet showing more information about the calculated flow, velocity & pressure loss in each pipe.

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