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Screenshots of Drawing Area Interface

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Drawing Tools Menu

The Drawing Tools Menu is located above the drawing area. Items can be selected and then added to the piping drawing with just a few mouse clicks.

Pipe Panel

The Pipe Panel shows information about the currently selected pipe. Pipe data can be updated manually or it can be selected using the Pipe Materials and Pipe Diameter databases.

Node Panel for a Tank

The Node Panel shows information about the currently selected node. The tank elevation, surface pressure & liquid level can be specified, and the tank symbol can be chosen.

Node Panel for a Joint

The Node Panel shows information about the currently selected join node. The elevation can be specified together with any 'demand flow' leaving or entering at that point.

File Menu & Other Menus

The main menu has drop downs for File, Edit, Units, Fluid, Drawing, Tools, License, Documentation & Help, to allow easy selection and configuration of items on your pipe system drawing.

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