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Flow and Pressure drop Calculation Results Verified Successfully The flow and pressure drop calculation results produced by the Pipe Flow Expert software have been verified by comparison to published results data from a number of well known sources. The Pipe Flow Expert calculation results compare very favourably in all 50 plus test cases.

It can also be checked that the Pipe Flow Expert software calculation results agree with the fundamental equation calculations for pressure drops and flow rates in pipe networks. This includes comparing the calculated flow rates to the governing flow continuity equations and comparing the calculated pressure drops to the conservation of energy equations that follow pressure losses around loops in a pipe network.

Download Pipe Flow Expert Results Verification

Download Pipe Flow Expert Results Verification

Further to the above, the Pipe Flow Expert calculation results have been compared to data produced by other analytical methods and they have been found to be in good agreement.

Pipe Flow Expert is currently used by engineers in over 100 countries worldwide, where it has a reputation for ease-of-use and reliability.

In trial mode the Pipe Flow Expert software allows the user to design their own systems with up to 5 pipes. The user can then confirm that the flow rate and pressure loss calculation results match with those from their own known system, thus demonstrating in practice that Pipe Flow Expert produces the answers they expect.

Pipe Flow Expert comes with over 30 example pipe systems, which can be solved, even when in trial mode. The calculated piping system results obtained from solving these networks can also be verified manually by calculating the individual pipe pressure losses using the flow rates given in the solution of the piping system, and then ensuring that these provide a consistent pressure at each point in the system, no matter which path of pipes through the system is used to calculate to the point under consideration.

We believe the results produced by the Pipe Flow Expert software to be accurate but for legal reasons we must include the following disclaimer: Although every care has been taken to ensure accuracy of calculations and correct program operation, no warranty can be given or implied for the results obtained. Should the program malfunction for any reason whatsoever neither PipeFlow.com, PipeFlow.co.uk, nor Daxesoft Ltd shall be liable for any indirect or consequential loss. The allocation of risk in the License Agreement reflects the price paid to license use of the software, and that the limit of liability will be restricted to this sum.

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