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There are a numer of Software Licensing and Pricing options for Pipe Flow Expert.

We accept payment via American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Visa Delta. The software is priced in U.K. pounds, however final payment can also be taken in U.S. dollars or Euros when paying via credit card through WorldPay, our guaranteed secure online payments system.

Software Licenses

Pipe Flow Expert Software Product Code and License When the Pipe Flow Expert software is installed it generates a unique product code that is shown when you run the program.

Each installation of the Pipe Flow Expert software requires a matching license code to be entered, which can be purchased from our web site.

Once the license code is entered, the software becomes enabled on the machine to which it was installed for a specific period of time (normally 12 months).

You do not require an internet connection in order to license and enable the Pipe Flow Expert software

You only need an internet connection to purchase a license online using a credit card. Once payment is made, you will be emailed an invoice/receipt, instructions and a purchase token that will let you generate your license code.

It's very simple. Most people can make payment and get licensed in less than 2 minutes!

Annual License Renewal

When the license has less than 30 days remaining, the Pipe Flow Expert software will show this. Users can then renew the Annual License at a low cost and we will send you a token that will allow you to immediately generate a new license, once your current license runs out.

The license renewal also provide support, technical assistance, help with modelling issues, help with moving licenses, and completely free upgrades to new releases of the software as they become available. See more information about the Annual License Renewal and ongoing Technical Support.

Moving an Existing Software License

A user may move their software license for Pipe Flow Expert to another machine and this service is provided free of charge within the Annual License with Support fee from version 7 onwards.

For version 6 users that are still within support, the license can be moved to a new machine free of charge. A fee is charged for generating a new license code for version 6 users who are out of support. See this link for more information on How to Move a Pipe Flow Expert License to a new computer.

Download License

Pipe Flow Software Upgrade Download Our Pipe Flow Expert software is normally provided via download from our web site. It runs in trial mode until a license code is entered. Providing software electronically helps to reduce our costs, which allows us to offer lower prices for our customers and also guarantees that the user is always installing the latest version of the software.

Each new installation of the Pipe Flow Expert software generates a new product code and hence each new installation requires a new software license code, which can be purchased online using a credit card. Purchasing and licensing your Pipe Flow Expert software normally takes less than 2 minutes!

Network License

Pipe Flow Expert Software Network Licensing Pipe Flow Expert supports network licensing, with easy installation to a shared network drive. It's as simple as installing a single user license. You can purchase a Pipe Flow Expert network license for 5 or 10 users direct from our web site. If you have additional requirements, or you need a combination of standalone, USB drive and network licenses then email us to see if we have a bespoke solution for you.

USB Drive Portable License

The Pipe Flow Expert software can be supplied on a USB drive, which provides a portable copy of the software that requires no installation (it runs directly from the USB drive). This allows a user to run the Pipe Flow Expert software on any computer. The user simply inserts the USB drive to any Windows based computer and then they run the software directly from the USB drive. When they are finished, the user closes the Pipe Flow Expert program and unplugs the USB drive, after which it can then be used with any other machine.

When a user buys a single user license for the Pipe Flow Expert software on USB drive, we also provide a 2nd free license for a downloaded copy of the software. This allows the user to get up and running immediately (even before the USB drive arrives). This is a genuine extra 2nd license for a downloaded copy of the software, which provides incredible value-for-money - it's almost like buying on a two for one deal.

New Customers

New User Those of you that have previously purchased software from us will already be assured of our reputation and will not be concerned about receiving the Pipe Flow Expert software via download. However we understand that as a new customer you may be wondering why we do not send out the software on CD.

If we provided the software on CD it would be the exact same program that you can download from our web site (in fact the web site will always carry the very latest version of the software). Having a CD would not allow you to install and enable the Pipe Flow Expert software on multiple computers, since each installation would still generate a unique product number and would still require a new license code.

If you want a 'hard copy' of the software then you can purchase Pipe Flow Expert on a USB memory stick. This allows you to plug it in to any computer and you can then run the software.

When you purchase a Pipe Flow Expert license from our web site, you will automatically be emailed with a unique purchase token and an invoice/receipt that confirms your purchase. This is all that you need for proof of purchase and we will always be able to confirm your purchase in our database.

We have sold Pipe Flow software programs via download for over 10 years. You will always be able to contact us and get a fast response from us, either via email or telephone. As our existing customers know, our support service and assistance with any issue you may have is worth far more than just having the software on CD.

Licensing Summary

The Pipe Flow Expert Software can be downloaded and installed for a free trial. It comes with over 30 example systems that you can load and solve, as well as being able to design and solve your own small pipe systems.

A software license code can be purchased from our web site and this will fully enable your downloaded copy of Pipe Flow Expert. A user can be up and running with a licensed version of the software in less than 2 minutes.

Support, technical assistance, and help with modeling issues is provided for free with your purchase of a license to use the Pipe Flow Expert software for a specific period of time (normally 12 months). You also get free upgrades to new releases during the period of your license. When the license ends it can be renewed at a low cost under the Annual License Renewal program.

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