How do I upgrade an existing copy of the Pipe Flow Expert software?


Each new installation of the Pipe Flow Expert software will generate a unique 9 digit Product Code that is shown when you run it. A matching license code must be entered to license the software.

Can I upgrade to the latest release of Pipe Flow Expert ?


  1. To upgrade your existing copy of the Pipe Flow Expert software, you should install the latest version 'over the top' of your existing copy. For example, if your software is currently installed to 'C:\Program Files\Pipe Flow Expert' then simply leave this folder as the location to install the program to (this is the default location). If your current software is installed to a different location or is on a USB drive then change the location path during installation as appropriate, e.g. say to 'E:\Pipe Flow Expert' if 'E:' is your USB drive.

  2. When you run the new version it will detect your old license and de-activate it, generating a License Removal Confirmation Number (SAVE THIS NUMBER).
    Note: If you are installing to a new computer then we ask that you first
    de-activate your existing license to generate a license removal confirmation code.
  3. The Pipe Flow Expert version 7 software will now show a new Product Code.
  4. If you have been emailed a TOKEN then you can generate a new license code at

    If you do not have a token, email the previous License Removal Confirmation Number and the new Product Code to and we will email back a new license code.

Once the new license code is entered you will have an upgraded and fully licensed copy of the latest version of the Pipe Flow Expert software.

Network License Upgrade:
If you want to upgrade a network installation then you should install 'over the top' of your existing copy, and the above steps still apply, however please review these requirements for Network Installation of the Pipe Flow Expert Software.

Upgrade Eligibility

Can I upgrade to the latest release of the Pipe Flow Expert software?

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