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The functionality of the Pipe Flow Gasref App is already built in to the Pipe Flow Mobile Apps for gases such as "Pipe Flow Gas Pressure Drop", and "Pipe Flow Gas Pipe Diameter". The "Gas Data Calculator" within these Apps is essentially the full GasRef App, however we also offer Pipe Glow GasRef as a standalone App.

The Pipe Flow Gasref App for iOS (iPhone and iPad) is a software application that helps engineers calculate the Density, Viscosity, Z Compressibility Factor, and Specific Heat Ratio for a number of common compressible gases at different temperature and pressure conditions.

Pipe Flow Gas Properties Calculator

Do you need to calculate the density of a gas?
Do you need to calculate the compressibility factor of a gas?
Do you need to calculate the viscosity of a gas?
Do you need to calculate the specific heat ratio of a gas?

The Pipe Flow Gasref app is a powerful and easy to use tool that enables you to quickly calculate gas properties, including real density and viscosity at compressed conditions, when in your office or out in the field on your mobile device.

The Pipe Flow Gasref App is available on iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Download the Pipe Flow Gasref App directly from the App Store.

For personal computer, you may wish to consider our premier Pipe Flow Expert software for designing pipe networks or our Pipe Flow Wizard for single pipe calculations.

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Pipe Flow Gasref Software Download on App Store Pipe Flow Gasref is available for download on the Apple App Store.
It is not available for download on this website.

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One installed, Pipe Flow Gasref is ready to go!
Start calculating your Gas Data and sharing comprehensive Excel and PDF reports with your colleages and clients in just a few taps.

Why Choose the Pipe Flow Gasref App for Gas Properties Calculations

The Pipe Flow Gasref software uses the same gas property calculation engine that can be found in our premier Pipe Flow Expert Software, which is trusted by users in over 100 countries worldwide.

Pipe Flow Gasref is a reliable tool that will calculate the properties of a number of common gas at a particular temperature and pressure condition.

Save your calculated data properties to your iOS device and/or share the calculated results via Excel or as a PDF data sheet.

The user interface of the Pipe Flow Gasref App has been designed to enable you to perform reliable gas property calculations quickly and easily.

Pipe Flow Gasref's Features Include:

Quick and Easy-To-Use

  1. Select a gas from Gasref's comprehensive list of commonly used gases including:

     - Air
     - Methane
     - Natural Gas

  2. Enter the temperature condition in one of the following units:

     - Degrees Celcius
     - Degrees Fahrenheit
     - Kelvin

  3. Enter the pressure condition in one of the following units (gauge or absolute):

  4.  - bar
     - psi
     - kpa

  5. Tap 'Calculate Gas Data'

Watch the short Gasref video to see for youself.

Gasref Gas Properties Calculation

Professional PDF and Excel Report

The Pipe Flow Gasref App allows you to create and save a professional PDF and/or Excel report that is easy to export and share directly from your iPhone or iPad!

Pipe Flow Gasref Software PDF Report PDF Report
Pipe Flow Gasref Software Excel Report Excel Report

Customisable Units Selection

Pipe Flow Gasref makes it easy to select your preferred temperature and pressure units when entering the fluid conditions you want to calculate for. Choose from degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin for temperature. Select from Bar, Psi and Kpa in both gauge and absolute units to specify your pressure condition.

Drop down menus allow you to toggle the Density Units and Viscosity Units. The Pipe Flow Gasref App will then use these customised units when generating data sheets as a PDF or Excel report.

Pipe Flow Gasref Software Density Units iPad Density Unit Selection on iPad

Save and Share Data

After the Pipe Flow Gasref App has calculated the gas data properties, you can save the results. The Pipe Flow Gasref App also includes a helpful sort function, allowing you to order your list of saved files by date.

The Saved Files Screen allows you to generate professional Excel and PDF reports for any of your previously saved files, in just one click.

Need to move all your calculated data to a new device? Simply export all your files as a zip file ready to be AirDropped, Emailed or Messaged to your new device. Individual files can also be shared between you and your colleagues, from device to device.

Pipe Flow Gasref Software Saved Files Saved Files
Pipe Flow Gasref Software Saved Files Options Saved Files Options


Pipe Flow Software programs are trusted and used by Engineers in over 100 countries worldwide to help with fluid related calculations.

Pipe Flow Gasref is a simple and powerful utility program that computes Gas Data Properties for a range of commonly used gases. If you need to work out density and viscosity of gases at compressed conditions then purchase Pipe Flow GasRef for your iPhone and iPad.

Download Pipe Flow Gasref on the App Store

Pipe Flow Gasref App Results Data

Tapping CALCULATE GAS DATA displays the following gas property data for the selected gas at the specified temperature and pressure condition.

Density (From the Ideal Gas Law)

Atom molecule representing Fluid Density For a specific temperature and pressure condition the compressed density of a gas can be calculated using the Ideal Gas Law

At a higher presure condition the gas density will increase; the same mass (weight) of gas will be compressed in to a smaller volume. At a higher temperature condition the same mass (weight) of gas will expand to an increased volume and hence this will result in a lower gas density.

Calculating the Density using the Ideal Gas Law gives a good approximate result for most gases, provided that the gas does not significantly deviate from the ideal gas law line at high pressure conditions.

Compressibility Factor Z

Atom molecules representing compressibility The Pipe Flow Gasref software can calculate and display the compressibility factor of certain gases at different temperature and pressure conditions.

The compressibility factor corrects for the differences between the real gas density at a high pressure condition and those predicted by the Ideal Gas Law.

Real Density

In addition to the calculating the density from the ideal gas law, the Pipe Flow Gasref App will also calculate and show the real density of the gas at the specified condition, taking account of the Z Compressibility Factor.


Fluid Viscosity Viscosity is the fluid's resistance to flow, which is caused by a shearing stress within a flowing fluid and between a flowing fluid and its container.

A fluid viscosity can be described by its Dynamic viscosity (sometimes called Absolute viscosity), or it's Kinematic viscosity. These two expressions of viscosity are not the same, but are linked via the fluid density.

Kinematic viscosity = Dynamic viscosity / fluid density

Centipoise (cP) is commonly used to describe dynamic viscosity.

Viscosity is only weakly dependent on pressure and varies mainly with changes with temperature.

Specific Heat Ratio

The Specific Heat Ratio (also known as the adiabatic index or the heat capacity ratio) is the ratio of the heat capacity at constant pressure to heat capacity at constant volume.

Pipe Flow Gasref App License Information

Pipe Flow Gasref for iOS is available for download from the App Store and is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

Pipe Flow Gasref can only be purchased on the App Store using your iPhone or iPad.

The purchase the software:

The purchase fee will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.

Download Pipe Flow Gasref for iOS Scan me to download Pipe Flow Gasref for iOS

Note: It is not possbile to download or purchase Pipe Flow Gasref from pipeflow.com.

Running the software on a different iOS device

A user may utilise their license for Pipe For GasRef on another iOS device that shares the same Apple ID (or the Apple ID is connected and authorised via Family Sharing).

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