How are the results presented within the Pipe Flow Expert software?

The Pipe Flow Expert software displays the calculated results in a number of formats:

  1. Results Drawing
    The calculated flows and pressure are displayed on the system drawing, which can easily be zoomed in and out, and 'dragged' around to view a specific area of the piping design. The labeling of results on the drawing can be configured to show different items, flow, velocities, etc.
  2. Results Sheet
    The calculated results are displayed in a interactive spreadsheet type window updates the results drawing in the background. Click on a row in the Results Sheet and the corresponding item on the Results Drawing in the background is highlighted, or click on an item on the Results Drawing and the Results Spreadsheet automatically moves to the row of data associated with that item.
  3. Professional PDF Reports
    The system data and calculated results can be shown in a professional PDF Report. The user can add their own company logo to the cover sheet and the data items to display in the report can easily be selected from a list of check boxes. These powerful, customizable reports, can be created with just a few mouse clicks and they produce a record of documentation for your system design which is also great when used for presentation purposes.

Pipe Flow Expert also provide excellent visual analysis tools such as:

  1. Color Coded Results Drawings that highlights the pipes and nodes in a pipe system to show the range of calculated results for a specific item. e.g. the Results Drawing can color the pipes according to a color scale to give a visual picture of the velocity of flow in each of the pipes. Similarly the drawing can be colored to show the friction loss that occurs in each pipe, or the pressure that occurs at each node, and this makes it easy for user to visually identify any 'problem' areas within their piping system.
  2. Pump Data Sheets that show the exact operating point on the pump curve. These are available on screen and in PDF format. They can also show graphs of pump efficiency and power requirements.
  3. High Resolution Vector Drawings of the pipe system that can be turned in to PDF documents that allow for high resolution printing of the piping schematic.

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