Do you offer training on how to use the Pipe Flow Expert software?

At present, we do not offer formal Training Courses on how to use Pipe Flow Expert.

User Guides and Example Systems
Pipe Flow Expert users are spread throughout the world in over 75 different countries. Most of them were able to get up and running quickly with the Pipe Flow Expert software by using the Quick Start Guide that comes with the software, and also by reviewing the 40+ Example Systems that are included with the program. The Example Systems demonstrate how to model a range of different systems and scenarios. The user can load and solve each of the Example Systems to see how the software calculates and displays the results for a particular modeling scenario, whether that is including pipe fittings, adding components, modeling pump performance curves, or including control valves.

Great Support
We also provide great support. Users are able to save and email us their system and we will open it, analyze it, make changes and then email back any updates along with our comments. After doing this for the first couple of systems, users become confident in using the Pipe Flow Expert software to model their systems.

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We have also worked very hard to give Pipe Flow Expert an intuitive easy-to-use interface and the combination of this best-in-class interface and our excellent customer support means that users do not normally need to attend a formal training course.

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Bespoke Training
While we do not offer a standard training course, we have been asked on occasion to provide some bespoke training for small groups of engineers. This training normally follows the format of the end user bringing along their system design with specific questions and we then help with their pipe system modeling, demonstrating the best way to use the Pipe Flow Expert software along the way. i.e. we do not present a formal set of training but rather we act as program expert that helps the user to understand and get the best out of their Pipe Flow Expert software.

Bespoke training can be expensive since we are small company with a limited number of expert staff that can provide the training. We are located in England and therefore any training where we need to be physically present can only be provided within the U.K. and even then this is normally scheduled to be delivered at our own offices, which are in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We do not actively market remote training services, however from time to time, we have at the specific request of the end user, provided bespoke online training to small groups of engineers, via video conferencing and even via Skype (where we can easily share our computer screen with the Pipe Flow Expert software running to provide video and verbal instruction on how to use the program).

We prefer to help users with any modeling issues via our standard support service (normally via email) and indeed this works very well for most our our customers worldwide in over 75 countries. If however you still feel the need for bespoke training then please email us with your requirements and we will email back a quote if we are able to provide what you are looking for.

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