How do I move the Pipe Flow Expert software to a different computer?

The Pipe Flow Expert license code is unique to an individual installation. If the software is installed a second time then your original license code will not work for the second installation.

We have a method of allowing you to move the license to another machine if you have a current version of the software and a valid license. This involves deactivating the existing license and generating a license removal confirmation code before we then issue a new license code.

The steps to move a license are as follows:

  1. Run your current licensed copy of Pipe Flow Expert and select the 'Move this license' option from the License menu.
  2. You will need to authorize this action with an admin password which is only used to stop accidental removal of the license – the admin password is 'pipeflowadmin'.
  3. SAVE the License Removal Confirmation Number.
  4. Download and install Pipe Flow Expert onto the new computer (you can obtain the download links from our software download links page).
  5. Please email the new product code that is shown when you run your newly installed copy of Pipe Flow Expert together with license removal confirmation code from the previous installation to - We will then email you your new license code.

Note: This service is provided free of charge to users that have a valid license with current support for the Pipe Flow Expert software.

For other users (those users running old versions of the software, without any support agreement) we reserve the right to charge a fee for providing help with moving a license since our original license terms stated that users must be within support to receive assistance for free (providing great support, emailing instructions, generating licenses, and corresponding with users, takes up significant time and effort, especially when multiplied by many users, and this has a real cost to our operations every year).

We have supplied software and licenses via download for over 10 years and we are proud of our track record of service and assistance. As our existing customers know, users with a valid license and support, receive an unrivalled support service.

Please read what our customers say about Pipe Flow Software and support.

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