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Pipe Flow Advisor Software for open channel flow and tank emptying times
Users in over 65 countries worldwide choose Pipe Flow Advisor :
It's a great utility for calculating flow in open channels and tank emptying times.

Our Pipe Flow Advisor Software is an easy-to-use utility program that can calculate the flow rate of water under gravity in open channels on a slope. It also calculates capacity, weight and volume of fluid within different shaped channels and different shaped tanks, and it can estimate the time taken for a tank to empty with flow under gravity.

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  • All prices are shown in British Pounds [GBP] with approximate US Dollar [USD] prices in brackets.
    Currency: £1.00 GBP converts to approximately $1.28 USD or €1.18 Euros

    Single User License - Download Version:

    Pipe Flow Advisor - Single User - Download £49 ($66)

    There are no general support costs associated with Pipe Flow Advisor and the license does not expire. There is a method of moving the Advisor software to a new computer. First you must de-activate the current license using the Unregister Program options from within the software, which generates a removal-confirmation number. This can be emailed to us, together with the product code from a new installation and we will then email back a new license code.

    Multi User Network Licenses

    We do not provide a network version of Pipe Flow Advisor. if you require multiple copies of the software then please email us and we will provide you with a best price quote.

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