Can Pipe Flow Expert handle fluid scenarios with two-phase flow?

No. The Pipe Flow Expert software is not suitable for calculating two-phase flow pressure loss scenarios (that involve liquid and gas).

Two-phase flow can produce an extremely high pressure drop many times greater than the pressure drop of either individual fluid.

Although Pipe Flow Expert is not suitable for calculating pressure loss due to two-phase flow, a user can choose to make due allowance for the two-phase flow pressure drop by using a component in a Pipe Flow Expert schematic to add an appropriate additional pressure loss. The user would need to know what pressure loss to specify for the component.

Pipe Flow Expert can handle up to 20 different fluid zones in one system, where the average fluid density and the average fluid viscosity for each fluid zone is set by the user. For combined fluids the user would need to manually calculate the density and viscosity of fluid mixtures such that this data could be used within the model (for a particular fluid zone).

Our example system "Common_14_Fluid_Zones.pfe' supplied with the software illustrates a system where two fluids are mixed.

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