Can Pipe Flow Expert perform transient analysis and surge calculations?

Pipe Flow Expert does not currently support transient analysis and surge analysis that models system performance over a period of time.

The Pipe Flow Expert software calculates the steady-state flow versus pressure loss balanced condition that occurs when the system is operating. This gives the flow rates and pressure drops throughout the system and shows the exact operating point of any pumps in the system.

For the majority of piping system designs, the steady state flow versus pressure loss balanced solution (“snap shot”) of the system when it is up and running, is all that is required for pipe and pump sizing. The user can of course set up several models with different conditions (worse case and best case) within Pipe Flow Expert if they want to look at different scenarios, and they can manually adjust the design conditions in the models to perform a simple analysis of the operating conditions over a period of time (if required).

The Pipe Flow Expert software comes with 60+ example systems that demonstrate the capabilities of the program, both in terms of solving non-compressible liquids systems and compressible gas systems. The software can be download for a free trial at

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