Can the Pipe Flow Expert software be used to model steam systems?

The Pipe Flow Expert software (from version 7 onwards) can be used to model steam systems if there is no change of state and the temperature remains fairly consistent. The software does not support calculations for two-phase flow.

If you have a system which contains superheated steam and condensation is not allowed to occur then the flow rate and pressures loss calculations should give satisfactory results. Further information about modelling compressible flow is given in our technical answer about modeling systems with compressible fluids (gases).

Note: The compressible flow calculations assume isothermal flow (where the temperature remains consistent). When considering calculations for systems which involve steam, any changes in the temperature of the steam that affect the density, viscosity, and state of the fluid as it travels along a pipe, will not be taken in to account.

General density changes that are due to pressure loss and changes in pressure within the system will be accounted for (but changes due to any temperature change will not be accounted for, since the equations used assume isothermal flow).

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