Does Pipe Flow Expert calculate the steady state flow versus pressure loss solution?

Yes. The Pipe Flow Expert software calculates the balanced steady state flow versus pressure loss conditions for flow of a fluid through a complex pipe network.

The reported calculation results include the flow rates for each pipe, the fluid velocities for each pipe, Reynolds numbers, friction factors, friction losses for each pipe, fittings losses, component pressures losses, node pressures, HGLs (Hydraulic grade line), pump operating points and more.

The results for flow, velocity and pressure (and other data items) can be displayed on the Results Drawing using a color key to assist the user in identifying where problem areas in the system may occur. For example, the program can color the pipes in results mode according to a color gradient of the range of flow velocities within the system. This provides a very powerful and easy-to-use visual analysis of what is happening in a piping system.

Changing a pipe length or a pipe diameter can have a dramatic effect on the flow and pressure loss that occurs in a pipe network. Pipe Flow Expert makes it easy to perform individual updates to specific items or group updates to a set of selected items (changing a group of pipes to a different size diameter for example). Pipe Flow Expert lets user quickly change such parameters and with one-click the system is re-calculated and the results are displayed on the drawing.

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