Which pipe materials and sizes can I use with the Pipe Flow Expert software?

Pipe Flow Expert comes with its own pipe materials database and pipe size database, which includes standard information about a pipe material, such as internal roughness data, and also a set of standard pipe size data for a specific type of material and schedule.

Users can select a pipe material from the pipe database and the software will automatically be able to use the associated technical data, roughness values, etc, as well as being able to show a list of the standard pipe sizes for that material. The user can select a pipe size and automatically all of the pipe data and size information is transferred to the current pipe in the model.

If the user has a specific pipe that is not contained in the pipe database then they can easily add new pipe materials, new pipe size and new diameter data. Once entered, the new pipe data is added to the existing pipe database and this can then be used when specifying pipe details and performing calculations.

Pipe Flow Expert's easy-to-use interface makes it simple to use the pipe database and adding new entries only takes a few seconds. The pipe database supplied with the software contains data on over 55 different pipe material / pipe schedules, with each having a further list of standard diameters and other property data.

For example, the pipe database includes pipe material and diameter information for Steel schedule 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 100, 120 and 140, as well as information on PVC, HDPE, Cast Iron and other types of pipe materials.

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