How can I resize my pipe system design image in a PDF document?

Pipe Flow Expert allows the user to create a PDF document displaying their system.

Standard PDF Print
Pipe Flow Expert Create PDF of System Drawing Button In both design mode and results mode, a PDF document can be generated using the 'Create PDF of System Drawing' button on the toolbar. This function automatically scales the system drawing to 'fit' a page, however should the default scaling need to be adjusted then there are several alternative options that are useful to know, which allow generation of a PDF document with your piping design at a different scale.

Alternative Sizing Method
This alternative method makes use of the 'Print’ function available directly within the software and can be used to optimize the space available on your preferred printer page size.

You should first ensure that pipe design is zoomed so it maximizes the space available on the screen, this can be done using the ‘Zoom Drawing to Fit Screen’ button, Pipe Flow Expert Zoom Drawing to Fit Screen Button, found in the Pipe Flow Expert tool bar.

You can find the ‘Print’ function by either clicking the 'Print' icon button, Pipe Flow Expert Print Button, or selecting ‘Print’ from the File menu.

If you then click ‘Page Setup’ you will be presented with options to select a Name, the Paper Size and Orientation. Under Name, select the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ option and choose your paper size and orientation as appropriate (i.e. for example, A4 and Landscape). Click OK.

Pipe Flow Expert Print Page Setup Option Screen

You will then be asked to save this PDF to your PC. This creates a PDF file with your pipe design sized to fit the page which can be printed.

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