Can I model multiple pumps in the piping system?

Yes. The Pipe Flow Expert software can model multiple pumps in a pipe system, both in series and in parallel. Whatever your pump arrangement, Pipe Flow Expert can model it, even allowing some pumps in series and some pumps in parallel within the same system.

A pump is added to a pipe and therefore the only limitation on the number of pumps in a single system is the maximum number of pipes that are allowed in a system (1000 pipes). We're sure that the capability to model 1000 pump is many more than you will need.

A pump can be specified to produce a fixed flow rate or a fixed head increase, or it can be modeled with a flow versus pressure loss curve that defines the pump head characteristics for different flow rates. Pump manufacturers supply pump curve data for each of the pumps in their ranges and the Pipe Flow Expert software allows the user to model the full range of the pump across different motor speeds and different impeller sizes.

Pump Characteristic Curve

Pipe Flow Expert allows the user to quickly enter data points from a specific pump curve. The pump modeling functionality will automatically fit a pump characteristic curve through these points, hence reproducing the pump curve from the pump manufacturers catalogue. If the minimum speed and maximum speed together with the minimum impeller size and maximum impeller size are specified then the software can also predict the pump performance across its full range (and this can easily be customized and adjusted to match real-world performance).

The flow versus head data for the pump can then be used by the program when it is performing flow rate and pressure loss calculations to find the balanced steady state solution for the piping system.

After Pipe Flow Expert has calculated the flows and pressures throughout the pipe network, it will allow the user to see the flow and head produced by the pump and it will show the user the exact operating point on the pump performance curve, giving the flow rate and the pressure added (head) by the pump.

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