How can I fix a Windows 10 blurry resolution on very high resolution 4K displays?

Windows 10 supports very high resolution displays however it does this by applying scaling to individual programs.

Microsoft originally defined High-DPI as between 120 and 144 DPI (dots per inch). They referred to DPI, dots per inch, but really meant pixels per inch (DPI was originally a priniting term). Nowadays the PPI of high-res displays can be much higher than this.

A 4K display generally support upwards of 3840 pixels across the screen. This means the display could have more than 250 PPI (pixels per inch).

With very high resolution displays, if a program runs at its native resolution under Windows 10 without any scaling then the user interface can simply become too small to be useable. Consider the following screenshot which shows a 4K display runnig the interface at its native resolution.

Windows 10 High Res Display

Windows 10 therefore applies display scaling when running applications on very high resolution displays in order to make software applications more useable. Microsoft has dramatically improved how it handles the display of applications on high-res devices however it does not always manage to apply the best solution for each individual program.

Sometimes the user will need to configure the display scaling for an inidvidual application in order to get the best results. The good news is that this is easy to do.

If the Pipe Flow Expert software appears not fully crisp when running on a high resolution display then follow these steps to see if this fixes the issue:

  1. Run Pipe Flow Expert
  2. Right click on its taskbar icon
  3. Right click (again) on the Pipe Flow Expert app name on the popup menu
  4. Select Properties
  5. Select Compatibility
  6. Select the box to overide (or disable) high DPI scaling
  7. Click Ok to apply the change
  8. Quit Pipe Flow Expert and restart the program

Windows 10 High Res Display Scaling Options

Hopefully the Pipe Flow Expert software will now be running crisp and sharp on your high resolution display.

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