Can Pipe Flow Expert be used to model fire sprinkler systems?

Yes. The Pipe Flow Expert software has been designed and developed to calculate flow rates and pressure drops in complex pipe networks, including fire sprinkler systems.

The software can also be used to model many different types of applications and scenarios, and can calculate the pump head required to achieve specified discharge flow rates at various points within your network.

Pipe Flow Expert provides a component object which can be used to model the effect of any item in a system (including a sprinkler nozzle) where the flow versus pressure loss performance data for the particular item is available (this can be actual data points of flow rate versus associated pressure loss, or it can be an imperial Sprinkler K value or metric Sprinkler K value, which defines the flow versus pressure loss characteristic via single Sprinkler K value).

The sprinkler nozzle can therefore be modeled by using a component object. The component can be saved, copied and then re-used as required throughout your system.

The Pipe Flow Expert User Guide (available from the Documentation Menu while running the program) contains a detailed section on components and how to use them. Also the program itself comes with over 60+ Example Systems and there are several which demonstrate the modeling of a sprinkler system:

Example: Isometric_07_Fire_Protection_Sprinklers.pfe
Example: Isometric_08_Fire_Protection_Water_Mist.pfe

Please see our other technical support pages for more information on modelling sprinklers:
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