Can I model a bespoke component with Pipe Flow Expert?

Yes. Pipe Flow Expert offers a component object which can be used to model the effect of any component in a system, where the user can provide the flow/pressure loss data for the component.

This approach provides a flexible way to model any component including boilers, heat exchangers, solar panels, sprinkler heads, etc and it allows the user to build up their own bespoke library of components (we do not provide a standard library of these items since it would be too large to cover all of the options that many different users worldwide would require).

The Pipe Flow Expert User Guide describes the procedure for adding a component to a pipe. The flow rates and associated pressure drops can specified for the component object to provide its flow versus pressure loss performance curve. The pressure loss through the component for the flow rate in the pipe will be taken into account when the system balance is calculated.

Our example system 'General_06_Fixed_Speed_Pump_Chemical_Transfer.pfe', which is provided with the Pipe Flow Expert software, contains a component which has been used to model the flow/pressure loss through a bespoke filter.

You can save the component data in a *.pfco file, which can then be used in another system. This then allows you to build your own customised library of components using these files.

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