Can I run the Pipe Flow software on more than one computer?

Yes for Pipe Flow Expert, if you buy a network license (which provides unbelievable value-for-money). A network license will allow you to install a single copy of Pipe Flow Expert to a shared network drive and it can then be run concurrently by users from their client PCs. There is no complicated licensing server - it's as easy as installing a single user license.

If you want to run several individual copies of our Pipe Flow software on different computers then email us to get a best priced quote. We can provide significant discounts for the purchases of second, third, fourth and additional licenses.

Multiple PCs running Pipe Flow Software
If you only purchase a single user license then you will not be able to install multiple copies of the Pipe Flow Expert software. We offer single user licenses in order to keep the cost of our Pipe Flow software at a minimum for our users. We are known for our easy-to-use interfaces, our robust calculation engines, our unrivalled support service, and our unbeatable value-for-money price points - our Pipe Flow Expert software costs 60% less than similar comparable software that is available in the USA and you won't need to go on a training course to use our software.

Note: Pipe Flow Expert on USB drive comes with a free second license for a downloaded copy of the software. i.e. you can get a license immediately for a download copy of the program, which is then fixed to the machine it is installed on, and we will ship you a copy on USB drive that can be plugged in to any machine, where it can be run directly from the USB drive without any installation, thus allowing you to have a flexible portable copy of the software. At a cost of only 15% more than a single user license, this option provides incredible value-for-money and flexibility.

We do not currently offer network licenses for Pipe Flow Wizard and Pipe Flow Advisor since single user licenses for these are offered at a very low cost.

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