Can Pipe Flow Wizard perform calculations on a network of pipes?

No. Pipe Flow Wizard is a powerful 'What if' flow rate and pipe pressure drop calculator that works on a single length of pipe at a specified internal pipe diameter.

Solving the flow or pressure loss equations to determine the results for a single section of pipe for some specified condition is a relatively simple task when compared to the complexities involved in solving the flow rates and pressure drops in each pipe across a branching system or pipe network that contains many loops. In fact, it is not just slightly more difficult to analyze and calculate the balanced steady-state condition for a connected pipe network, it is several orders of magnitude more difficult. Solving a networked pipe system is a complex and difficult problem.

If you need to calculate flow rates and pressure drops throughout a network of pipes then you need our Pipe Flow Expert software, which can model both open and closed loop piping systems, and which can model multiple tanks, multiple pumps in series or in parallel and multiple components.

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