What does the trial version of Pipe Flow Expert allow me to do?

Pipe Flow Expert in trial mode will allow you to:

  1. Load Example Systems
  2. Solve and Calculate Example Systems
  3. View Calculation Results (on the Drawing, in a Results Spreadsheet, in PDF Reports)
  4. Draw your own systems with up to 5 pipes
  5. Solve and Calculate your own small systems
  6. View your System Results (you cannot save your own systems)

The software also comes with a Quick Start Guide, a Full User Guide for reference purposes and a full Online Help System. The trial version should provide enough functionality to allow you to see the capabilities of the Pipe Flow Expert software, so that you can determine if you wish to purchase a license.

Licenses can be purchased online at www.pipeflow.com in less than 2 minutes using a credit card. After purchasing, enter your license code into the Pipe Flow Expert software and you will be fully up and running.

Please see the ‘how to purchase Pipe Flow Software licenses online' page.

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