How have the Pipe Flow Expert results been verified?

Pipe Flow Expert's calculation results for flow rates and pipe pressure losses have been verified using a number of methods.

First, pipe systems of a know design, with published results data, have been modeled using Pipe Flow Expert and the calculated flow rates, pipe pressure losses, pump heads, pipe fitting losses, pipe friction losses, and other results produced by Pipe Flow Expert, have been compared to the published results values, to confirm the validity of, and to verify the Pipe Flow Expert calculations.

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Second, it can be confirmed and checked that the Pipe Flow Expert results agree with the fundamental equations for pressure losses and flow rates in pipe networks, which include comparison of the results to the flow continuity equations and the conservation of energy equations that follow pressure around loops in a pipe system.

Third, the calculated results have been compared to specific test data and other results produced by analytical methods, and they have been found to be in good agreement.

The trial version of the Pipe Flow Expert software allows the user to draw their own pipe systems with up to 5 pipes and the calculated flow and pressure results for these can then be checked against known data that the user may already have. In addition, the software includes over 30 example piping systems that can be solved using Pipe Flow Expert and the user can confirm the calculated results by solving these pipe networks using some different method (or by taking the solution values and plugging them in to individual pressure loss equations for specific sections of pipes and checking that the 'by hand' calculations give the same result, and by checking that the pressure at any individual point in the network is calculated to the same result no matter which path through the network is used to determine the pressure / pressure loss to that point).

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