Is there a User Guide and Help System for Pipe Flow Expert?

Yes. The Pipe Flow Expert software comes with a fully integrated Help system that can be accessed from the 'help' menu while the program is running.

It also comes with a full User Guide in PDF format for reference purposes and a Quick Start Guide in PDF format to get you up and running immediately.

The program itself contains both a 'Documentation' menu and a 'Help' menu.

The Documentation Menu contains several documents in PDF format:

  1. The Quick Start Guide PDF provides information to quickly get you up and running with the software in the shortest time, covering the general product features and how to use them.
  2. The User Guide PDF document provides an in-depth software reference, that explains how to use all of the product features and provides further information on piping calculations and the methods of solution.
  3. The Example Systems PDF document shows over 40 example systems, each of which contains a set of notes relating to that specific modeling scenario.
  4. The Results Verification PDF document presents data calculated by the Pipe Flow Expert software and shows a side-by-side comparison against published results data for known systems. The Pipe Flow Expert Results Data compares very favorably with the published results data for each of the 50 cases that are listed.

The Help Menu contains a standard Windows Help system with following functionality:

  1. Contents Page with list of Books (each of which opens to further sub-sections).
  2. Index Page that lists many common terms.
  3. Search Page that provides bespoke lookup capability across the entire help documentation.

The 'Help' menu also provides access to the 40+ example system files, each of which can be loaded in to the software. Each Example System can then be 'solved' and the user can choose to view the results on the drawing, to view the results in an interactive spreadsheet format, or to view the results in a customized PDF report.

Each example system has been designed to show the user how to model a specific scenario using the Pipe Flow Expert software . By loading and solving each example system in turn, a new user very quickly becomes familiar with the operation of the software in regards to modeling different systems. The example systems can be loaded and solved even when in trial mode.

In addition, there are a number of videos on our website that demonstrate use of the Pipe Flow Expert software:

  1. An overview of the Pipe Flow Expert interface.
  2. How to draw and solve a system.
  3. How to solve a system to determine the pump head requirement.

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