What happens if a user tries to run Pipe Flow Expert and there are no network licenses free?

The Pipe Flow Expert software is capable of being used by more than one user across a network (if you purchase an appropriate network license for multiple users).

A single copy of the Pipe Flow Expert software on a shared network drive can be run by multiple users and separate copies of the program run up in to the memory of each user's client computer.

When a user runs the software initially this logs use of program in the license file. When the software is closed the used license is removed from the license file.

If more than the maximum allowed number of users try to run the software at the same time then an option will be displayed to allow a new user to deactivate the 'oldest' license (least recently used license). If the new user accepts the 'Forced Removal' of the 'oldest' user then the least recently used license will be 'forced off' and the new user will start using this license.

Pipe Flow Expert Network License Key It takes 5 minutes to 'force removal' of the least recently used license. The new user must wait during the 5 minute countdown before they are able to run up the program using the newly free license. This situation should not occur very often since when a user stops using the program and closes it down, the program will automatically releases the license for re-use. The issue would only arise if users are not closing the program down when they have finished using it or if there are genuinely more users trying to run the program at the same time than the network license allows.

Note: Always close the Pipe Flow Expert program before switching off your computer as this will ensure that your user details are removed from the license file, thus releasing the currently used license for use by someone else.

If you close your computer down without first closing the Pipe Flow Expert program then the license will not be released and the next time you start the program you will then effectively be taking up two license allocations. If this is done repeatedly then soon all licenses will become allocated and used which means subsequent users will need to 'Force Removal' of the least recently used license before they can use the software.

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