What are the differences between Pipe Flow Expert full version and the Lite version?

The Pipe Flow Expert Lite (25 pipes) software is exactly the same as the Full version (1000 pipes) except each model in the Lite version is limited to a maximum of 25 pipes.

A pipe is just a connection between two nodes which define the elevation at the start of the pipe and the elevation at the end of the pipe.

A single pipe can be set to any length between 0 and 10000m for example, and multiple fittings of up to 5 different types with a quantity of each can be added to a single pipe (e.g. 5 standard bend fittings could be included on a single pipe). The only reason a new pipe is needed is if the pipe material or pipe diameter changes, or your pipe splits in to multiple branches. In these cases a new pipe will be required.

If you want to draw out each bend to produce a drawing that looks like your physical layout (perhaps with just a single bend fitting on each pipe) then you may also choose to use new pipes to achieve this.

We allow people to upgrade the software from the Pipe Flow Expert Lite version to the Full version for the difference in cost, if the upgrade request occurs within 12 months of the original purchase.

The Full version of Pipe Flow Expert software and Lite version of Pipe Flow Expert software operate in exactly the same manner and have exactly the same functionality with the only difference being that the Lite version limits the size of any one pipe model to 25 pipes.

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