Why has the Pipe Flow Expert Software license reset to trial mode?

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The Pipe Flow Expert software licenses should not reset unless one of the following issues has occurred:

  1. The license itself has expired. From Pipe Flow Expert version 7, licenses are now granted for a specific period of time, after which they need to be renewed.
  2. The software was not able to read/write files within the 'Pipe Flow Expert' folder where the program is installed. This can occur if there is a file permissions issue. A user needs full read/write permission to the files beneath the 'Pipe Flow Expert' folder where the software is installed.
  3. Some external process (disk imaging, backup copying) has altered the files (or file permissions) beneath the 'Pipe Flow Expert' folder in some way and this has caused the software to think that it has been copied.
  4. The software has been copied from one computer to another computer (or has been copied to a different hard disk). This is not permitted.
  5. For Pipe Flow Expert running from a shared drive on a network license the software must always be accessed from the client computer by mapping to the shared drive using a UNC (Universal Naming Convention). If a user maps to the software using a drive letter then the software may think that this is a copied version of the program and may therefore reset the license to trial mode.


Under normal circumstances the Pipe Flow Expert software should operate without any issue and the license should continue to operate until it is either renewed or it is allowed to expire.

When the Pipe Flow Expert software believes that some external action has tampered with the installed files then it resets the license to revert the software back in to trial mode.

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