How do I move the Pipe Flow Advisor software to a different computer?

Each installation of Pipe Flow Advisor has a unique product code and will require a new license code.

Therefore, to move an existing installation to another computer, you will need to obtain a new license code that is associated with the new product code for the installation on the second computer. To be eligible to receive a new license code you will need to deactivate the license from the initial Pipe Flow Advisor installation, as you are only entitled to use the software on one machine at any one time.

We normally ask customers to deactivate their current license and provide a license removal confirmation code from their previous installation of Pipe Flow Wizard, before we issue a license code for a new installation.

The steps for moving a Pipe Flow Advisor license are as follows:

  1. Run Pipe Flow Advisor on the original computer
  2. Select the 'Deactivate License' option on the menu
  3. Note the un-register confirmation code that is generated by the previous step
  4. Install a new copy of the Pipe Flow Advisor software on to another computer (you can obtain the download links from our software download links page)
  5. Please email the product code from the new installation, and the un-register confirmation code from the previous installation to, and we will send you a new license code.

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