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The Pipe Flow Wizard software comes with its own fluid database, which contains fluid properties for a range of common liquids and gases.

Users can select a fluid from the database for use in the calculation. If the required fluid does not exist in the database then new fluid properties can easily be entered and added.

Fluid Properties: Liquids and Gas Data

The database can be configured to display either Liquid or Gas Data. Liquids are considered to be incompressible in that the density of the liquid does not change under pressure, whereas gases are compressible and pressure will affect the density of the gas. Temperature changes will affect the density of both liquids and gases.

When working with gases, there is a gas data calculator that can calculate the fluid properties for many common gases over a range of different temperatures and pressures. This allows the user to define their own gas data for a specific temperature condition and these properties can be saved and added in to the fluid database for use with future calculations.

Viscosity relationship: Centistokes = (Centipoise / Density)


Kinematic viscosity in Centistokes
Density in g/cm³ OR (kg/m³ x 1/10³);

The density of water in g/cm³ is 1. Relative density is the ratio of the density (mass of a unit volume) of a particular fluid to the density of given reference fluid. Specific Gravity normally means the relative density of a fluid compared to the density of water. In modern science the preferred term is now Relative Density.

Pipe Flow Wizard Software Fluid Database Screen (Windows) Fluid Database Screen (Windows)

Pipe Flow Wizard Software Fluid Database Screen (macOS) Fluid Database Screen (macOS)

Fluid Database - Liquids (iOS)
Fluid Database - Gases (iOS)

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