Fitting Database within Pipe Flow Mobile Apps

Pipe Flow Mobile Software Applications come with an integrated fitting database that contains K factors for many different types and sizes of pipe bends, valves, contractions and expansions. A fitting's K factor allows the pressure drop across the fitting to be calculated for a specific velocity of fluid flow through the pipe fitting. i.e the pressure drop through the fitting varies depending on the fluid velocity and use of an associated K factor allows the fitting pressure loss to be calculated for a particular flow rate.

Users can select a bend or valve from the fitting database and this can be used when performing a calculation.

If the fitting required does not exist in the fitting database, then its characteristics and k value can be entered manually and added to the database.

Up to 5 different fitting types can be added to the pipe along with their position (entry or exit) on the pipe.

Fittings On Pipe Screen
Fitting Database Screen

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