Pipe Flow Expert Software 2016 version 7 Released

Pipe Flow Expert Software 2016 version 7 Released  (26-Jan-2016)

February 8th 2016, Pipe Flow Software today announced a new release of its Pipe Flow Expert software 2016 version 7, a major update to their premier software application for designing energy efficient pipe systems and calculating flow rates, pressure losses, and pumping requirements. Version 7 also includes a new compressible flow calculation engine for gas systems.

The Pipe Flow Expert Software is used by engineers in over 95 countries worldwide, for designing, analyzing and modeling fluid flows in pipe networks. The Pipe Flow Expert software models both open and closed loop pipe systems, calculates pressure losses, flow rates, velocities, friction losses, pump head requirements, and much more.

Pipe Flow Expert Software Version 7 functionality includes:

a) Both Liquid & Gas Flow calculations
b) Tabbed Design Sheets that let users work on multiple system variations simultaneously.
c) Pump Modeling with predicted performance across a range of speeds and impeller sizes.
d) Searchable Pump Database (users can define and build their own pump libraries).
e) Professional PDF Reports and Pump Data Sheets in PDF format.
f) Multiple Fluid Zones (up to 20 different fluid zones).
g) Pipes Database (with over 75 materials/schedules), Fittings Database, Fluids Database
h) Interactive Results Drawing and Interactive Results Sheet

Further release details are given here:


"Companies choose our Pipe Flow Expert software because it is easy-to-use and it has a robust calculation engine. That's why we get emails from existing users that say things like 'Your excellent product is simply superb', 'Absolutely love this software', and 'Great software, superlative service'." said David Gardiner of PipeFlow.com.

Video demonstrations of the Pipe Flow Expert software and an overview brochure are available at:


Our Pipe Flow Expert software is used by a wide range of companies and engineers in many countries, from individual design consultants through to large multinational companies and government departments. It provides a powerful piping system design and analysis tool that calculates flow rates, pressure drops, and pumping requirements, producing energy efficient pipe systems that save on resources and running costs. Version 7 is available now for a free trial:


About Pipe Flow Software - PipeFlow.com (www.PipeFlow.com) is owned by Daxesoft Ltd, a UK registered company. Daxesoft has used 'Pipe Flow' ® as a trading name for over 15 years. Pipe Flow Software designs and develops fluid flow and pressure drop calculations software that is used by engineers in over 100 countries worldwide. Pipe Flow Software has over 3000 customers in a variety of industries including aerospace, chemical processing, education, food and beverage, general engineering, mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, water and wastewater processing.

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