Figure 27  General 09 – Energy Recovery with Turbine

This water distribution system incorporates two pumps to raise water to higher elevations. 

A turbine has been designed into the system to recover some of the energy used in the water distribution.

The turbine has been modelled by using a component to define its flow rate and fluid head characteristics.

Click the Calculate button to solve the system and view the flow rates and pressures in the system.

The flow rate through the turbine is 11.293 m≥/min and the fluid head removed is 31.911 m, the energy removed from the fluid is approximately 59 kWh. Assuming a 75% efficiency for the turbine, the useful energy recovered would be approximately 44 kWh.

Pipe Flow Expert will display the flow rate in each pipe and the pressure at each node. View the results sheet or use the mouse to hover over a pipe, a node, or a component, to display calculated results in a pop-up pane.