Figure 26  General 08 – Reverse Pipe

A water distribution system has been designed to deliver a different flow rate to each of 4 take-off points. During the drawing of the system Pipe 2 has been added assuming the flow direction is from N2 to N3. 

Click the Calculate button to solve the system. Pipe Flow Expert will try to find a solution with positive flow in all pipes. If a valid solution cannot be found, Pipe Flow Expert will identify which pipes need to be reversed. If you are prompted to reverse the flow direction of Pipe 2, accept this action to solve the system.

Pipe Flow Expert can be configured to display the flow rate in each pipe and the pressure at each node on the drawing. View the results table to see all information, or use the mouse to hover over a pipe, a node, or a component, to display individual calculation results in a pop-up pane.