Figure 20  General 02 – Tank to Joint Overflow

Calculate the pressure drop in an individual pipe, when the flow rate is known:

Pipe Flow Expert can operate with many different units.  The user can select 'Imperial' or 'Metric' unit options, or use a mixture of units as shown in this example with 'metric' dimensions and 'imperial' flow rate.

Click the Calculate button to solve the system. Pipe Flow Expert can display the pressure drop on the drawing. View the results table to see all information, or use the mouse to hover over a pipe, a node, or a component, to display the calculated results in a pop-up pane.

If the fluid head in the supply tank is lower than the pressure required to overcome the friction losses in the pipe with the specified discharge flow rate at node N2, then the system would not be solved and a message would be reported in the results log.