Figure 29  General 11 – Replacement Pipe Size

Water is being transferred from an upper reservoir to a reservoir at a lower level using the difference in fluid head between the surface elevations as the motive force. The existing system uses 12", 10" and 8" steel pipes. The 10" and 8" steel pipes carry the water flow in parallel to each other.

The elevations of nodes N2, N3 and N5 does not affect the flow rate calculations, which are ultimately determined by the difference in head between the source reservoir and destination reservoir.

It is proposed to replace the leaking system with new PVC (AWWA) pipe. The friction in PVC pipe is much lower than the friction in steel pipe so the 10" and 8" pipes can be replaced with a single 12" PVC pipe in the new system. The new PVC pipe system will have an increase in carrying capacity of approx. 12%.