Figure 9  Common 09– Sprinklers / Spray Nozzles

Many systems include points where flow will discharge to atmosphere. Fire Protection Systems, Crop Irrigation Systems, Golf Course Watering Systems and Industrial Washing/Painting Plants are all examples of pipe networks where spay nozzles may be used.

When a spray nozzle is included in the design it is necessary to use the flow versus pressure loss characteristics of the nozzle to establish the flow leaving the system due the pressure differential across the nozzle.

A combination of a Component and an End Pressure node may be used to model the performance of a spray nozzle. The flow rate versus pressure loss values associated with the sprinkler are entered in the Component's data table. The End Pressure node is set to 0.000 psig, if the spray discharges to atmosphere. If the discharge entered a pressurized tank then the End Pressure node would be set to the tank pressure.