Figure 8  Common 08– Heat Exchangers, Cooling Coild, Chillers, Fan Coils

Many systems include items such as heat exchangers, boilers, fan coils, cooling coils, filters, chillers and spray nozzles etc. Each of these items will have a pressure loss characteristic associated with various flow rates through the item. The Component object allows any item where the flow versus pressure loss characteristic is known, to be modelled as part of the system.

The Pipe Flow Expert component object allows any object where the flow and pressure loss characteristics are known, to be modelled as part of the system. In a Pipe Flow Expert model, a component is associated with a pipe and the flow rate in the pipe is then used to calculate the corresponding component pressure loss. The component object can also be used to specify a Fixed Pressure Drop within a system.

Here, several Components have been used to model the flow rate versus pressure loss characteristics of a boiler and two heat exchangers. The Component symbol can be changed to represent a Valve, Heat Exchanger, Cooling Coil, Heating Coil, Fan Coil, Nozzle, Radiator, Filter and more... The chosen symbol does not affect the pressure loss calculations.