Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Table of Figures


Welcome to Pipe Flow Expert

Pipe Flow Expert Overview

Minimum Operating System Requirements

Registration and Licensing Information


Additional Pipe Flow Software Programs

Interface and Menus

Menu Bar

File Menu

Edit Menu

Units Menu

Fluid Menu

Drawing Menu

Tools Menu

License Menu

Documentation Menu

Help Menu

Tool Bar

Tool Bar Buttons

Keyboard Shortcuts

Node Pane

Node Types

Tank Node Data

End Pressure Data

Join Point Data

Flow Demands

Pipe Pane

Pipe Features

Pipe Material Data

Pipe Diameter Data

Pipe Fittings Database

Component Pressure Loss

Control Valve Data

Pump Data

Drawing Pane

Configuration Options Screen

Labelling Tab

Units Tab

Pipe Settings Tab

Node Updates Tab

Results Colors Tab

Calculations Tab

Results Tables

Viewing Individual Results

File and Design Operations

Tabbed Design Sheets

Creating a New Pipe System

Isometric System Options

Designing a Pipe System

Saving a System

Change the System View - Isometric Mode Toggle

Sending a System via E-mail

Printing a System

Saving a Screen Image

Saving a Drawing to an EMF Image

Emailing a Screen Image

System Options

Choosing Units (imperial/metric)

Choosing Item Labelling

Choosing the System Units

Choosing Pipe Drawing Defaults

Change attributes of more than one pipe

Node Updates

Results Colors

Configuring the Calculation Parameters

Fluid Zones

Defining Fluid Zones

Properties of Mixed Fluids

Two Phase Flow – Additional Pressure Drop

Fluids Database

Adding Fluids to the Fluid Database

Adding Gas Data to the Fluid Database


Add a Tank

Nodes (Join Points)

Adding a Node


Adding a Pipe

Adding a Pipe Material to the Database

Adding Pipe Size Data to the Database

Reversing the Pipe Flow

Closing a Pipe in the System

Using the Pipe Sub-menu while drawing

Preventing Backflow in a pipe

Using the Default Pipe feature while drawing

Fittings and Valves

Adding a Fitting to a pipe

Adding a Fitting to the Database


Adding a Component with a pressure loss

Cv and Kv Flow Coefficients

Adding a component/valve with a Cv or Kv value

Control Valves (FCV, PRV, BPV)

Adding a Flow Control Valve

Adding a Pressure Reducing Valve

Adding a Back Pressure Valve


Adding a Pump

Adding a Fixed Flow Rate Pump

Note about Fixed Flow Rate Pumps

Adding a Fixed Head / Pressure Rise Pump

Adding a Fixed Speed Pump Curve

Working with Pump Curve Graph

Import Pump Curve Image

Variable Speed and Change to Impeller Size

Predicted Performance Data

Search Pump Database

Browse Pump Database

Example Pumps (with Flow versus Head curve)

Demand Flows

Adding a Demand Flow at a join point

Demand Pressures

Adding a Demand Pressure at an end node

Text Items

Adding Text to the drawing

Viewing, Modifying, and Deleting Items

Zooming in or Out in the Drawing Pane

Zooming in to a Selected Area

Viewing the whole System in the Drawing Pane

Panning a System in the Drawing Pane

Finding a Pipe or a Node

Mirror View of the Pipe System

Inverted View of the Pipe System

System Amendments and Group Updates

Using the Edit Grid

Individual Item Viewing and Modifying

Group Updates on the Drawing

Moving Components in a System

Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Nodes & Pipes

Copying Between Drawings

Opening Additional Systems

Rotating Selected Items

Moving a Pipe to link at a new position

Using the Undo and Redo Functions

Deleting Components in a System

Deleting a Node or Pipe

Deleting a Group of Components

Deleting a Demand Flow

Deleting Fittings

Deleting a Component Pressure Loss

Deleting a Control Valve

Deleting a Pump

Calculations and Results

Automatic Checks and Updates

Calculating and Solving a System

Configuring the System Results

Viewing the System Results

Saving the System Results

Exporting the System Results

Redesigning the System

Amending the System

Create a PDF Report of the System Results

Calculation Theory and Method of Solution

Fluid Flow States

Fluid Viscosity

Reynolds Numbers

Friction Factors

Colebrook-White Formula

Friction Losses (resistance to flow)

Darcy-Weisbach Formula

Fitting Head Loss

’K’ Factor fitting head loss calculation

Calculate Total Pressure Loss

Energy and Hydraulic Grade Lines

Balanced Flow State

Loops, Nodes and Pipes

Solving the unknown values

System Calculation Tolerances

System Components

Cv and Kv Flow Coefficients

Flow Control Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Back Pressure Valves

Pumps (with Flow versus Head Curve)

Fixed Flow Rate Pumps

Fixed Head / Pressure Rise Pumps

Net Positive Suction Head available

Two Phase Flow


Working with Compressible Fluids

Considerations When Using Compressible Fluids